Show Management & Scoring

Fox Village makes dressage show management and scoring simple. We designed this all-inclusive software package with the experience and know-how of some of the top show secretaries, managers, and organizers in the United States and Canada.

Now you can manage your competitions from beginning to end, from a schooling show or pony club rally to an international FEI CDI*** with instant scoring capabilities in the judges' booths. This software makes it easy.

What's New

Fox Village Dressage 2023 Update 1.0.2 has been released.

Paperless Scoring Documentation can be viewed here

The Test file has been updated for all 2022 dressage tests, USEF section codes and expanded test descriptions for paperless scoring.

Leslie Raulin has updated the Main User Manual, the Quick Start Manual, and DSHB User Manual for 2022.