Fox Village is now licensed with pay-as-you-go pricing. No more upfront license investment or renewal fees. Simply pay for your event credit and start using Fox Village today. Event credits are available individually starting at $75 for all non-FEI rated events and $1000 for FEI rated events. Bulk pricing is available for non-FEI events when purchasing more than one credit. See pricing in dropdown menu below.


Standard Event Credit Pricing


Upon confirmation of your purchase, we will credit your existing user account within 24 hours.

System Requirements for Desktop Installation

-Microsoft Windows 10 or 11.

-Microsoft 365 (previously "Microsoft Office" and "Office 365"), Microsoft Access 2013 32-bit, or Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime (Free download) 32-bit.
64-bit versions of any of these software options are not supported. You will need to uninstall any 64-bit versions and reinstall as 32-bit in order to run Fox Village.

Click here to download the software.

For Multiple Users and Remote Access from anywhere we also offer:

Fox Village Dressage Cloud Server (FVDCS) License & **Paperless Dressage Tests

For an additional $299/year (USD), users can unlock the power of Fox Village Cloud Server (FVDCS); a collaborative hosted environment where show management can simultaneously access their show files wherever they're connected to the internet. *Please contact us before subscribing. Additional enrollment and account setup required.


Click here to start a new subscription to Fox Village Cloud Server


FVDCS uses Microsoft Remote Desktop for Windows or MacOS, and can also be used on IOS and Android devices.

Work on your show remotely, share tasks with multiple users, simply log on from either Windows or Mac. 

No more worries about setting up a network at the show.


BEFORE purchasing a FVDCS license and/or paperless shows PLEASE Contact us at to get set up with your user accounts.


*Requires a constant internet connection for each device. WiFi or Hotspot.

**The use of the Paperless Dressage Tests requires FVDCS.

***Refund Policy***

Paypal charges us a fee of 4-5% on every transaction.  This is non-refundable. Any refunds we make on purchases will be net of those Paypal fees.