For our Canadian users, beginning with Fox Village Dressage 2004, you can electronically submit your results to Equine Canada (EC). In order to do so you will need to follow these instructions and refer to the following links for more help and additional resources.


First, we will list the items you need to complete. Then we will list the resources you will need to refer to.


When you first download Fox Village Dressage, you will find its primary defaults are set-up for use within the United States. With a little tweaking, you can easily customize it to use in Canada. First you will need to go to the Show Preferences form. Click on the Membership tab. You will see USEF, USDF and Other, listed from top to bottom. Simply change the top organization to EC. Then change the second organization to your regional/sport organization and the third to your local organization.


If you are using Fox Village Dressage to submit results to EC (and we assume you are, since you are looking at this page), our program will assume you have entered EC as the first organization on the Membership tab. Once this is set-up you will find the rest of the instructions fairly straight forward.


1. Your Show Name, Province (State) and EC Show Number needs to be filled in on the Show Information form.


2. All your classes should have their Class Name filled in. You will also need to fill in the Text field. This is usually the same as the Class Number and will be used as the class number by EC. Additionally you must select the Date for each class. You may also want to select a default Org Code for each class if the class is not a Test of Choice (TOC) class. If the class is TOC, you will need to assign the Org Codes for each ride in a TOC class. We'll return to Org Codes later in this discussion.


3. You will need to make sure for each entry, you have both the rider's first and last names, their EC membership number and their citizenship. The horse's name, passport number and EC membership number. The owner's first and last names, their EC membership number and their citizenship. Both the rider's and owner's citizenship must be the country code supplied from EC, not the full name of the country.


4. You will need to supply the Term Reason for each ride that doesn't have a score. Also properly place the class and enter the prize money in a standard currency format. e.g. $1000, 1000.00, $1,000.00. Additionally, make sure each ride has a Org Code assigned to it. We well do our best to make sure you have a current list of Org Codes when you first download our program, but you will still want to refer to Equine Canada's web site to see if there are additional codes you need to add or existing ones you need to edit.


5. Additional information is needed when you create the export file. The Sanction Level, Association Name, Association Number, PSO Province and PSO Membership Number. The Sanction Level should be: National, FEI or Non-Rated. Refer to the EC supplied province codes for the PSO Province.


Also visit Equine Canada for additional information.