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    Fox Village Dressage is a fully functional dressage show management & scoring application. It has been designed with the experience and know-how of some of the top show secretaries, managers, and organizers in the United States and Canada. Now you can manage your competitions from beginning to end. From a schooling show or pony club rally to an international FEI CDI*** with wireless instant scoring capabilities in the judges' booths. Our goal is for this program to make your life easier, organized and more fun!

  • What's New

    Mobile results are now available with the new Competitor Tent iOS app.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2019 Update 1.0.1 has been released.

  • The Test file has been updated for all the USEF and USDF Dressage tests for 2019.

  • Fox Village Dressage was awarded Silver for the USEF Approved Competition Software Program in August of 2018.

  • Effective January 1, 2017 FEI is requiring a new format for submitting results.

  • After months of working closely with FEI we have created a special edition Fox Village 2017 CDI that will allow organizers to automatically submit dressage results directly to the FEI Database. We will have special pricing and licensing for this version of Fox Village and strongly encourage organizers to contact us directly for more information and assistance.

  • http://inside.fei.org/fei/your-role/organisers/dressage/results-forms

  • "As of the 1st January 2017, it will be compulsory to submit all Dressage competition results with detailed scores broken down figure by figure and Judge by Judge.

    We strongly encourage the use of XML results..."

  • Leslie Raulin has release an updated User Manual for Fox Village Dressage 2015 which includes changes through update 1.1.3. Thanks again Leslie!

  • Leslie Raulin has release an updated Quick Start and DSHB User Manual for Fox Village Dressage 2015 which includes changes through update 1.0.4. Thanks Leslie!

  • The Test.tdf file now contains both Western Dressage and Cowboy Dressage tests.

  • Click here for more information about Cowboy Dressage World.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 is a major upgrade. Upgrading to Access 2013 is REQUIRED. A free runtime version of Access 2013 is available on the Downloads page. After installing Access 2013, download the update package to get all the other new files. The 2015 test database, which contains the updated tests as well as updated formats must be downloaded as well. ** Only run the FULL install package if you want a completely fresh installation **

  • By popular request, the Ride Times and Results now pushes up additional HORSE information, such as breeder, owner, breed, etc. A new link to results by Horse is now up as well as prize lists to shows, if provided by the show management.

  • We have received a few calls regarding FVD crashing when importing entries. We have found that this is caused by Adobe Reader XI. You can read how to resolve this issue, but visiting our Adobe Reader Security page.

  • Katherine Walcott wrote an article for USDF about Fox Village Dressage. You can view her blog by clicking on the image below.

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  • Barcode Scanner

    Make scoring fun!
    1) Print barcodes on test labels
    2) Scan barcode on test
    3) Enter score.

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